(31 March 1621 – 16 August 1678 / Yorkshire, England)

My Suicide Chain

I take this knife and slid it through
All the things I put you through
I took your word
I know you're right
So I will take my life tonight
Cut to deep and hit a vein
Lay on the floor
I scream in pain
No one to care
I die with no one even there

My mom comes home
But it's too late
My life is gone
Left, put away
If life's a choice that we can make
Then it's my choice
My life to take

If I were to die
I want the easy way out
I want this now, I have no doubts
I crush them up and mix them in
I take a drink of my Bromton blend
I feel the burn
I see the lights
I slowly walk
Towards my new life

I'll miss you in the new world I'm in
I need to pay the price of my sin
I don't believe in heaven or hell
So I guess we all can burn as well
My suicide chain is about to begin
Time to drink my cocktail blend

This is the lsat day until tonight
I'll stare in the mirror, I'll stare in fright
Fright in m stomach, pain in my heart
The fire in my eyes is where it all starts

Slit my wrists and take the pain
Drink it down and watch the same
Fall on the floor
Blood running dry
Not gonna make it, there's no need to try
This is the end, this is good-bye
Goodbye forever I scream to the sky

Laying there I take my last breath
The way I am led me to death
Here the blood running out of my veins
I cannot scream
For there's no shame
I had the right to take my life
In my hand is still the knife
Cuts on my wrists
Scars in a twist
No way to live..

It was all a dream
Wake up in the night
Wake up, don't scream
Cry at all the sights
Stay alive tonight
Geth through your pain
Sombody has fixed
My Suicide Chain

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Rudyard Kipling


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His poetic skills are just and right And yes we are still both.. iip.. James
Be clean! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Excellent poem....a big ten
A huge 10 for this poem which I read as many as 12 times but failed to understand how the comments below are at all related to the poem. May be we are not from this trade, so there may be a problem. What was the problem in these previous century poets?
Added Note: a TEN for your poem.
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