Another Night's Memory

Upon the tip of a green leaf a dropp of water looks at the sky. Sun shines on it; in the morning, the world looks at it to get ready for the day. Embraced by the leaf the dropp reflects the smiles of the world around it. The breeze is gentle not to let her down, she swings with a smile beautiful as the morning.

I know not the time amidst the mist, there is silence surrounding me. I hear a sweet voice, a cry from the bottom of her heart; a painful music touching my senses. I see, her dripping down from the beloved upon which she had the night's stay. He kneels down to hold her; but, alas, she is beyond his reach!

From the tip of the green to the earth, a fraction of second, Journey of a life embracing the memories of the night! When dissolving unto the sands there, she prays for another life. Evaporated by the hot sun, she raises to the sky, to shower as mist, to embrace her beloved once again for another night's memories.

by Preeth Nambiar

Comments (9)

His poetic skills are just and right And yes we are still both.. iip.. James
Be clean! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Excellent poem....a big ten
A huge 10 for this poem which I read as many as 12 times but failed to understand how the comments below are at all related to the poem. May be we are not from this trade, so there may be a problem. What was the problem in these previous century poets?
Added Note: a TEN for your poem.
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