Clorinda And Damon

Damon come drive thy flocks this way.


by Andrew Marvell Click to read full poem

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His poetic skills are just and right And yes we are still both.. iip.. James
Be clean! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Excellent poem....a big ten
A huge 10 for this poem which I read as many as 12 times but failed to understand how the comments below are at all related to the poem. May be we are not from this trade, so there may be a problem. What was the problem in these previous century poets?
Added Note: a TEN for your poem.
Dialogue in a poem, smartly told. As oft, poems in this format, the poet needs not to be afraid of mistakes in grammar (the tenses) . This kind of poetry shows more and is easy to understand. BUT to create a most beautiful poem is oft a problem, and herein I dare say that Mr. Marvell has succeeded. In his period only a quarter of the inhabitants of the UK could read. Mind you, poems were only read by that Top part in society, that was a most luxury spending time and the reader as well as the poet at his time got that merit. I like very much this loveliest dialogue between C and D. So very pity you do not live in mine era, otherwise I would have sent you a message. Regards for you in your UK grave, sincerely, Sylvia Frances Chan
Beautiful imagery of love and longing presented in a dialogue form. Nicely encapsulated. Thanks, C. Loves Shrine. C. In whose cool bosome we may lye Safe from the Sun.
Such an interesting poem by Andrew Marvell.......
Love shines and virtue is realized even in grave. We hear echo in caves. Fountains ring and sing in flow with melodious tune. Words of inspiration are ever sweet. This poem is brilliant and excellent poem very well drafted.10