Close. Shut the doors
On stiff cardboard faces.
Grow Grizzly bear ball
Of darkness, never let
It out, let it rot
And remain within.
Let the safety pin
Tie its legs together and
Screw the ears of a
Cloth, pull dog’s
Leech backward. Greenhouse
Melon trap those seeds
And curtains shiver
At such sights.

Close. Those words
Vanish away with a
Swish, pigeons remain
In magician holes,
Dead jasmine flowers
Swept and deported,
Air suffocated in
Jars, Blue bottle
Fly tying its palms together,
Glass Colosseum bubbles
Burst and painted walls
Of darkness-hidden Jews shut
Against Nazism reality.
Let the poet bear the
Tapeworm messages enclosed
Around the fingers and
Never let those book markers
Open the history books with
Their teeth jammed together……

by nithya raghavan

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