Everlasting Pain

The everlasting pain
I have held inside but I’ll never explain
Why by the knife I have lain
And I walk in the silent rain

The storm gathers overhead
But it’s the storm in my heart that I dread
I’m hurt by the words they said
They’re promises are like poisonous led

This pain is getting harder to bare
I just wish I had some one that would care
I just wish it’s their warm embrace they share
But they never play fair

I’m so close to slipping away
I don’t think I can make it through the end of the day
By the knife I lay
And listen to what they say

All their lies
Just make me cry
And blood falls from my eyes
I’m getting ready to say goodbye

They will never see
What they’re doing to me

They don’t know why I cry
They don’t realise they’re the reason why
And their lies make me want to die

The darkness starts to call
As I begin to fall
I have put up my protective wall

They’ve hurt me beyond repair
It is my heart that they tear
They don’t seem to care
But it’s a mask we all wear

I deny the pain they put me through
And then they just wonder who
Because they deny it too
But we all know it’s you

The pain I can no longer take
I begin to wake
With my smile so fake
I do this for their sake

They have destroyed my heart
Now and forever we will be apart

You hurt me more then any one could
And I never thought you would

So now I’m saying goodbye
Don’t you cry
You we’re the one that told me the lies
Now tears are spilling from your eyes?
Didn’t you ever wonder why?

Well I’m gone
I hope that you mourn
Because of you I’m torn
And I’m left all worn

This is the end
My wounds will never mend

I watch you hurt
Watch you cry in the dirt

I hope you can now know
How you stooped so low

You break my heart
Tore me apart

Left me alone
All I did was grumble and moan

But now I said goodbye
To the tears that you cry

Does it hurt, knowing you lied?
Does it kill knowing you’re the cause of my suicide?

by Dragon Fire

Comments (2)

Oh my, is this a true happening? ? ? Again, I admire your wonderful writing talent... but I believe I would have let the key rest there in peace (pees) ... giggling. Hugs, CJ
Herbert after reading this, i think in the same position, i would have let the key die a slow death, but you were desparate Warm regards ALLAN