Close Those Sad Sad Eyes

Close those sad sad eyes girl,
and let your feelings wash away,
Bring up nothing more than what you want to say,
So close those sad sad eyes girl,
realize your way,
I hope it all passes by my love,
and hope you it flies away
Now close your sad sad eyes girl,
and forget about your sad sad day.

by Beautiful Grim

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Hi there. I set your poem to a pretty jazz tune. Www.kompoz.com/t/251591. I hope you will stop by and say hello. Best wishes, ChrystalKafka | Delete this message
soothing, the words speak to my soul
Thank yiu for this one! ! ! ! : /
This was what I needed
Today, I am Sad and heavyhearted for my personal reason. I thought reading some sad poems, then I found this poem very appealing to my senses...................
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