VAD ( / Manila)


Color landscapes
echoing vividly
Surround the wind
feel it thrusting within

Close your eyes
and feel the dewdrops
to your skin

Brush your feet
Skip and fall down
to the velvet lawn

Close your eyes
and close your eyes still
Extend your arms
slowly, gently

And to a deafening speed
take your flight
as you carry your soul
to the wind

Your mind is set on falling

with the cold mist,
Capturing the first day
of Autumn

Leaves swirling around your feet
as you wade through
And bathe yourself
with sunshine dim

Your head feeling heavy
as you look straight up
And there you saw
the fullness of it all;
the mirror of your vanity

And there you whisper…
Shower my paradise with beaches sand
and tomorrows kept…
As you laugh with the whirling
of the clouds

Dewdrops now intensifying.
Now open your hands
and feel the teardrops
of the sky
as it wipe down your cheeks,
to your feet
The day has come
for you
to be free.

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