Closing Of Old Stale Endings

Hoping the closing,
Of old stale endings...
Are not revisited to open,
Those locked doors again.

Left scarred are mentalities,
Bruised and wounded from rumors
Inciting conflicts.
To leave many afflicted,
With their own woes...
Self inflicted.

New beginnings when started,
Are what they are to depart...
From times no longer,
With wishes to relive,
Emotions felt...
In unforgiving hearts.

Closing those doors,
To leave locked, blocked...
And left never to revisit.
Is the best remedy,
For anyone wishing...
To have their path swept clean.
With taking steps,
In another direction.
Expecting the freshness...
Of 'new' possibilities accepted
To reject...
A negativity heard from others,
Who will not let...
What's old and stale to go.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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