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Closing Of The Day......
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Closing Of The Day......

Poem By Shala Drake

Children snuggle deep into your arms, giggle, 'I love you.'

Lovers squeeze the tightest as they drift off to sleep, mumble, 'you feel so good.'

Warm bodies snore in opposite unison to my breath.

Cuddling, blankets, and a good book are very important.

The cat ends her vigil in the basement, begins the duty of the sentry at watch upstairs (for any stray mouse that happens to forget to look before leaping) .

The dogs take their night time positions and agree on a truce, that holds only until the wee hours of dawn.

Left over blanket fort, drooping and lonely, waiting for a playmate to join again in the fun of hiding; tomorrow.

Ladybugs bang and bounce on and off the lights; tink, dink.

Stillness sweeps a silent whisper and a hum throughout the house.

This is the closing of the day.

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