Closing The Cage (Sonnet Idea Based On Edwin Morgan’s Opening The Cage)

I just don’t belong. I was set up and I shouldn’t be in here
Be just. I was up set. I shouldn’t, in here and don’t I belong?
Don’t I belong? Set up I was and I just shouldn’t be in here.
Set up was I. In here just I be, I shouldn’t belong and don’t
Was I here, set up and in? I don’t belong. I just shouldn’t be
Shouldn’t I be up set? I was in here. I just belong and don’t
Here I don’t set up and I belong in. I shouldn’t be, just was
In here I shouldn’t be. Belong, I was. Just set up and I don’t
Belong; don’t I just? In here I shouldn’t be. Was I set up?
I don’t just set up, I shouldn’t belong; be here and I was in
Just in here, was I set up? I belong and I shouldn’t. Don’t be!
Don’t set up! Be in here! I just belong. I was and I shouldn’t
Shouldn’t I be? I was up set in here and just belong. don’t I?
Don’t I just belong in here? I was up set and I shouldn’t be?

by Ian Syder

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