Closing The Century: A Backward Glance

As we move toward the twenty-first century
Let's take a glance at what we've inherited.
With the creation of earth's strong metalic core
Were added abundant creative materials, life-sustaining elements.
It is clearly evident God encouraged mankind's development.
Bones and artifacts dug from earth reflect ancients
Who treasured and refined their strong creative skills.
Advancement through ages produced our civilization of today.
The horse and buggy preceded locomotives, then streamliners.
Streetcars, autos, trucks, and vans led another race.
The phenomenal airplane advanced to space craft and powerful telescope.
Gas, then electricity, illumined factories, homes and streets.
Morse's telegraph precluded telephones: wall-hanging and dials.
Push-buttons came and then carrly-along cellulars.
Typewriters and xeroxes introduced computers and the internet.
Medical skills, combined with sciences of the mind,
Encouraged mankind's development in ways of better living.
God's touch is recognized in obstacles one encounters
And nudges creating new directions: signs of His intervention.
Taking a backward glance we can predict even more surprises.

by Mildred Watts

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