LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

Closing The Door

You're asking me to give up everything
To take a leap of faith -
Sail into uncharted waters
Where there may be dragons........
Because you love me;
You're offering nothing material
You're promising nothing at all
Just a safe place
A warm embrace
And everything that you are;
The closeness of pure connection
In body, mind and soul
Intimate conversation,
Your smiling face across the table
And a comfortable place to fall;
You're not asking for the world
You're not asking for my life
Just honest affection
And a loving connection
To get us through this journey;
I know your intentions are honorable
I know I can trust you to care
Although it's not perfect
It's as good as it gets. -
Be patient, I'm closing the door.

by Linda Ori

Comments (9)

Yeah, this is as good as it gets - a dream, no more, for many of us. It's a dream we want to live though. But impetuosity fades a bit, and sometimes we don't take the plunge when we should. It's either this or 'what if'. A fine portrayal of the important things that love has to offer, plus an astute insight into a particular state of mind. Great work. xxx
Beautiful! .........closing the door with an open heart how sad it seems?
Amazing poem Linda, beautifully expressed...
Linda... I am magically amazed by the composition here. You have created an aura of pssionate love here...... this is going to stay with us a long time behind those closed doors. EXCELLENT WRITE.
Linda, trust me, it's scary but its worth it - one hundredfold. What does Neale say? What would love do? Well love has written this - and so sweetly. Bless you, fair maiden. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxx
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