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O! Death! Let Thy Call Be Peaceful!

Winds have been fierce all day
Icy rain beats and moans with it.
Grieving heart wails for a life brief,
Sizzling in anguish and disbelief.

Shock of a sudden life lost pierces all.
Simmering grief boils and boils hard.
How does a father buries his young son?
How does a mother let go of a warm hug?

How does one reconciles with fate,
Life's cruel moments and ugly face?
Whose hand do we hold for support?
How do we pick up the pieces and go?

Life forces us to bow, kneel and submit.
The all powerful authoritarian lord of
This world, demands nothing less but
Meek submission, even though we
Struggle, fight, whimper and squirm.

Summon of death is a stony cruel thing,
Knocking the door with mercy less ring.
No choice but to answer the call,
No place to hide, no excuse to offer.

Life's ephemeral breath embedded
In her lover lord's mysterious being,
None can escape the anchor of it's
Perpetual cycle but to embrace it.

O! Death! Let thy call be peaceful!
Let thy hands be gentle upon us.
Let thy arrows not be poisonous.
Let the tender soul not be in pain!


by Savita Tyagi

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