Poem Hunter
LP ( / Arizona)


I rarely see another woman
With her head held
As high as mine
I’ve never seen another girl
Who can strut
With so much pride
Hardly in my memory
Was there a female
With so much fervor
As I portray in
Just one flash of my radiant smile

I bet she’ll never laugh
As loud as I did
Or as often, that’s for sure
I got spirit and sweetness
Flowing from my veins
I got passion and a temper
That could make a grown man sway
I got humor and wit
Glowing in my eyes
I can contend with the best of them
I got a woman’s golden thighs
I could make you stop
And stare at me
And lead to your demise

I’m a force for you to reckon with
You can try ‘til the day’s end
But you’ll never understand me
You couldn’t know what
Goes on in my mind
You could buy me off
To tell my story, babe
Guarantee you wouldn’t see it
If I wrote it in the sky
I’m livin’ in the moment
And I’m happy as I am
I’m a mystery to you
And that’s all you’ll understand

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