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AR (3/18/1979 / San Jose', California)


Poem By Angelique' Rockwell

when i needed u most
u were never there
i many times wondered
if u even care
are u crazy,
yes i asked u to work
u said i kicked u out
made me look like a jerk

i feel like shit
that we had married
thought of time and love
and struggles we'd carried
this is the second time
there's been another girl
that i know of but how many
have made ur head swirl?

how many has there been?
how many did u claim?
i gave u all i had
u gave me all the blame
u screwed me over
so many times
and u hurt my kids
you suck an so do your rhymes

all we had left
holding us together
was fabulous sex which
you have given to another
no, there is no future
any longer between you and i
i'm really tired of you
making me want to cry

go on your way once again
get me out of your head
u thought u were a player
lying, everything u said
i'll never forget u but
you have gone way too far
refusing to work, wouldn't clean up
couldn't even drive a car....

for real, how could u?
everyone knew but me
the kids and i were so busy
that i didn't even see
i told her to enjoy u
and i wished her the best
but i can't afford the pain
of you so now i put us to rest

i think what hurts the most
is that you didn't even blink
just filled in my place again
faster then i could think
i wasn't even gone just yet
you didn't take the time to miss
just moved on to the next
without even a goodbye kiss

oh and frankie? go screw yourself
for every hurt that you have caused
i never should have let you back
when after that year we paused
once again i'll get u out my system
its not that far to go
and never will you fix this mess
'MY family' is back down to five


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