TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

Air In You

Laying awake at night
Your hand resting on my skin
Your breath fanning on my face
Savoring your being
Inhaling a pocket of air
That has been in you
My eyes sting as
An emptiness spread within
As I glimpse a life without you

You are mine to snuggle up
On a winter's bunk
When my body fails me in cold
You are my hearth
Warmth my cold toes reach for
Lips that sense my being

You are my shadow
With footsteps that wonder
The echo I hear
That never disappear

You are sheer sand
My toes bury in
Shielding me from peril
Following me where I trail

As a gentle slope
You gave me hope
As a trickling creek
You gave me a beginning
As a dense tree
devouring the glaring sun
You gave me a blessed end
You are the air that I breathe in.

by Deva De Silva

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Ooooohhhhhh! ! ! ! ! ! This sounds exciting Cokbod. I liked it, I liked it. Clever thinking. Love Ernestine XXX