ZB (1988 / utrecht, Holland)


There once was a cloud
Heavy and burdened.
Looking down at the crowd
Through smoke and ashes.

He saw the daily goings
Of men and women.
He saw little ones growing
In a world as grey as death.

Where had the colour gone?
From the world once bright
And green.
What happen to the song?
Of many birds once happy and free.

But the cloud would not
Shed its acidic tears.
He simply refused
To harm the trees
Dim and green.

Let the world shed its tears.
But I am moving on to greener days.
Where trees still take in
The pure sunrays.

by zarina binda

Comments (2)

A thought so different..and written beautifully.
Zarina, a poem from a cloud's perspective... different and well done. I liked it! ! Brian