In All The Stars Light Still Grim

God, he's a gardener of stone
Oh, Look, look at these rubies
Ammonites and gravestone—
That's where bones did loam.

They turn into diamonds
That's what he decrees,
He decrees all shall shine
When polished from his mine.

God, he's a gardener of stone
Oh, Look, look at these emeralds
Look at these dead-kings thrones
Their minion choirs still herald.

…In a distant mine for him…
In all the stars light still grim.

by Mark Heathcote

Comments (13)

Depression....Death.....Hate......Love broken....Is what I am.....and this poem describes me.....You MAY understand me.
What a great image: tears forming a cloud and the thunder from it giving an expression to your anger, I think you are expressing in this poem a discovery of a great wisdom, not to express anger until it is gone. I agree witht the WOW's from earlier comments on this poem. It is a great piece.
great poem, i can feel the different emotions behind it all :)
Great poem. I love how your emotions are varying, I vote 10
This is more what I was expecting after reading your Bio. I enjoyed this so much more than the fragmented, crude, aggressive pieces I read before. I like the honesty here, the others seemed to feel more like hiding, putting up an angry front to keep people out. Very nice. Regards, Em Jay
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