I see you
watching me under
the morning sun
in blue jeans
I can see you
there is no thunder
in your eyes
clouds are talking on pillows

you do not hate me today
time slows
and through the fence
your motion is stilled
clouds are whispering on pillows

then it moves in frames
and you are smiling over and over
under this tree
I see the sky sinking down on me
coming at me
curling itself around leaves
talking in tongues
of ancient things
javelins of cobalt blue
pierce my chest
fix me into the earth
its bark falls in scales
in creases
it envelopes me
it entombs me
I am the boy Pharoah

I see you
Mary Magdelane
leaving my tomb
your tears turn the sand red
your footprints
fill the morning with
soft wanting sounds
your heart pumps deep venous blue
into the waking sky
with each step you bury me
with each breath you suffocate me
with each second you forget

You do not turn around
at the sound of my asking
You do not see
the grass move with my searching

You do not deserve to feel like this

by L.B. Temuco

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