The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways

Lord, You work in mysterious ways,
blessing me with friends and family,
I know now the summer of many days,
when seasons linger and when they stay.

Earth revolves, according to Your plan,
and still, people know not your truth,
but on Your side is where I stand,
You direct me, with Your hand.

But man, deceived, has crushed the truth, laws and commandments now are broken,
no more eye for an eye or tooth for tooth,
they remain dull and ignorant, and uncouth.

Thank You Lord, for removing my veil,
lifting my eyes so I could see,
beside You, all religions fail,
and soon, they all, will weep and wail.

Lord, You work in mysterious ways,
touching my soul with blessings,
I honor You with the rest of my days,
until the final trumpet plays.

by David Lessard

Comments (2)

Beautiful poem. very nice
This poet is one of the great magicians of poetry, warming the sad tears of life with his humanity. Respect.