ashes, my burnt hut
but wonderful the cherry
blooming on my hill

by Hokushi

Comments (7)

Extremely powerful in its gentle flow that grows gradually troubled like a stream suddenly rippling over pebbles and then rocks and then boulders come in view. Oh, I am now a Charles Simic fan with this poem!
A slow flow of emotions in a cozy soliloquy. Enjoyed reading. Thanks for sharing.
It is this presentiment that gives the poem perfect balance. Without it, our happy moments would lack their deeper sense.
third stanza is a clunker too. I would omit it, if I could. Lucy
I think the poem falters in the second stanza. The first stanza is perfect. The first line of the 2nd stanza is perhaps clunky. I think a metaphor is needed here and not a simile. The last line is striking. The poem isn't perfect in my estimation and I like many of Simic's poems. Lucy
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