Poem 5, The Entity Called God

God is a supernatural entity, not an alien or human.
God is not black, white, brown, yellow, dark, or pale.
God does not have an image, body, or any kind of shape.
God is neither female or male.

God is a creator not a terminator or devastator.
God only listens to prayers from the heart
as long as the reason for the prayer wasn't the fault
of a fellow human-being from the start.

God does not care what religion you belong to,
all that is important is that you believe there is a Creator.
And that the Creator is responsible for everything in the Universe:
all manner of existence including mother nature.

God gave us freedom of choice and will.
God with all his mightiness and power
will not prevent, intervene, or take any action
if it is of human design, making, or nature.

God will answer all prayers if they are from the heart and sincere.
God considers all worthy prayers with the utmost deliberation.
God will not consider prayers for the materialistic things in life.
God considers consequences of any positive or negative action.

by Orlando Belo

Comments (15)

carrying my past in silence....... if it were never to come again, it would have been better. most of us carry our past within us......... we shall live in the present...... tony
Wow! ! ! ! ! this Haiku is so captivating! to my poem list and 10+++++++++++
The clouds passing by Carried my past in silence.........an impressive expression with memories of past in silence. A beautiful poem in concise which says much. Thanks for sharing.
Meaningful thought...to reminisce the past!
So sweet and meaningful!
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