Clouds Of Love

Confessions of Krishna - 10

Oh golden twilight clouds,

by C.N.Premkumar (love poems, Veda of love, Life and love) Click to read full poem

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Beautiful lines. Wonderful poem.
Radha and Krisna's love represent both worldly and other worldly love.It is no wonder that their names are always uttered together with most reverence by all writers, poets, philosophers, devotees and lovers.Your poem is really wonderful poem.If find time please visit my blog Bharatispen and read the poem COME BACK KRISNA
A very creative composition.
Mera paigham muhabbat hay Jahan tak pahunche (My message is love Where ever it can raech....................Jigar Muradabadi) Besides liking this wonderful poem, I also liked the informative poet's note............10
Long days after hear it's resounding the Sanskrit legendary poet MAHAKAVI Kalidash's voice once again from 'KUMARSAMVABAM Kabbya. Imagery and expression perhaps resounding nearest to that classical poetic essence. May it be poet inspired by Indian classical treasure! There in 'Kumarsamvabam', Jakshya, the hero in confinement, sending his messages imagining cloud as his carrier from the top of Ramgiri hills, for his beloved Kanta who stayed long...long away from him. Just it echoes while reading this very poem. In another sense poet has tried much to illustrate Krishna-Radha relation from Baisnav philosophy by rhyme. Well it works. Thank you.
Full of feeling and pregnant with passion. Well done my friend!
a beautiful well written poem let the lightning in my heart spread around the horizon
Excellent poem, very romantic indeed!
Wow. wonderful poem on love.. Beautiful way you have presented it. Loved it. +++ 10
beautiful love message. liked it.
Carry the vapors of tears From my eyes as your clouds of blue Let the thunders in my heart What the amazing verses.Very strong with fantastic vote is 9.Well done! ! ! ! !
Superb poem, great vivid write
Expressive and very thoughtful Good job
I must like to say a beautiful poem, just like Meghdoot. a poem to feel, to realise the separation.
fantastic poem touchy poem excellent
Beautiful poem of a loved one soothing to read....nice...regards 10/10
Let the thunders in my heart Shiver all the Ashta-Dikpalas With the reverberations of the mantra ‘Krishna loves Radha’ repeat in your heart the holy name of God millions of times and you will have the great vision of God and incalculable inner peace. i hve met Sanyasis and Sanyasins who spend hours on end repeating the holy name of Rama and Krishna and Radha. i hve met Chrístians who likewise repeat the holy name of Jesus. there is light in their face and a peace in their movements. you have brought in a wonderful pont through your meditative poem.. a great religious poet. thank you for sharing
Oh golden twilight clouds, Go far with the message in my songs To where my beloved weeps for me Wipe her tears and tell her she is mine an exceptionally beautiful stanza, a poem f devoted beauty
However nothing like Love, love and life poetry Rachel Ann Butler your name sake.
It's really very beautifull i can say. It's beauty is so pure just like Radha Krishna love. Any other words to appricate this i'm not getting any words..... Great job.