Cloudy Day

As the rain it trickles down
Upon my window pane
The window is cloudy now
With my fingers I write your name

As I write I love you
I think of you and I
I wonder why life it is
And the many questions why

I can't help but to feel it
As I too I draw a heart
Although we are not together
I can't help the tears that start

What a difference a day it makes
On my window on a cloudy day
I wish it would take the pain
And somehow make it go away

But as the raindrops trickle down
I alone, I have found
Just like the rain the tear drops they fall
It doesn't matter at all.

Copyright 2004 Bill Simmons

by Bill Simmons

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Kinda like writing that person's initials in mustard on a sandwich...then the whole name. *big mistake! it's nasty ;) *