Cloudy Eyes

Cloudy eyes

Times and times; blue eyed
I tried and tried
To ignore; I swear

How could I?

With stick you have shined lips to pink
That isn't my favor, but still

How could I?

It is all in your eyes
I stare
Not green, not brown
Not blue speaking; emerald
They're cloud
They are fog
They are waves in ocean
Waves on waves
Mass of waves in colors

I am lamb
Made for grass and soft paths
I am far of being goat; giraffe

How I wish I was cat
A wild cat
A Tiger
Then I would as, it's been done
Jump for Moon
Aim for moon; meant falling
Fall to death by crash
I would fall in your eyes
Those magic shady eyes
Yes eyes of fog-cloud
Would I fly; or swim?

How could I?

by Nassy Fesharaki

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