I remember
Fading lines of now blurred ink
And metal, fascinating metal
That I confess to have over thought
From comfort to bruised skin
Music, moonlight… and then
Night’s bursting heart giving way
To the practical considerations of day

Observing now
Fear is as absent as you today
And pain, the unbearable ache
Suddenly so beautifully appropriate
All of it
From living room to bedroom door
Tearsdrops, smiles… much more
Yesterday has paused for now
So the future may exist somehow

Knowingly then
A passion’s birthed by emptiness
And screams, undeniably real
Are shredding time and changing place
From tender heart to abandoned soul
Alone, newborn… yet full
A star has fallen from the sky
A sign this wanderer is guided by


Reach out to trace the lines
Wipe the tears and read the sign
Open wide and let it out
Take it in, forgetting doubt
Stepping forward in the dark
Break for day, oh! bleeding heart
For looking back is not allowed
If one is to ride upon the clouds

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Penned with brilliance, woven together with eloquence. Lovely work.
“Fear is as absent as you today”, in Joe Satriani’ Flying in the blue dream there come a passage which I thought will never be enslaved by words …. No more
brilliant! keep writing! could you read my poems too? thank you.
This is indeed a lovely poem, Christine, but I would like to see what you would do with it if you decided to go with the rhyme pattern which is present throughout much of your poem. My opinion would be to either go with free verse and use an occasional inner rhyme or go with a consistent meter and rhyme. The way it is caused me to stumble over the lines quite a few times. Your immagery is beautiful and completely understandable. If you try a change to this poem, I predict you may like it better. Raynette
This was absolutely beautiful, Christine. THIS is what I consider to be great free verse, though you also utilize some rhymes, half-rhymes, and assonance with the flow of a true poet. This was a pleasure to read, and I'm anxious to mine more of your work, for I'm a rhyming poet but I have a deep appreciation for this kind of heartfelt endeavor. Wonderful work.