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Poem By susette varga

For 14 years
I held out
No compromise
No self doubt

Stood firm
In my belief
That after so long
I'd make the right choice

Absolutely convinced
I had chosen well
Any doubts
Had no voice

Insecurity finally
Let me down
Ended up
Behaving like a clown

Fears crept in
Led me astray
Got it all wrong
What else to say

Too many years
Out of the game
Left me stupid
Totally insane

Back in to
The swing of things now
What a donut
Silly cow

Thinking back
To yester years
No chance was given
Had no time for tears

Think he met me
At a vulnerable time
Shame on me
I let myself down

It is little wonder
You hd no respect
Feeling like
A total dick

Will not forget
My experience with you
This lesson has given
Back my strength

Thank the sweet Lord
Thought the pain
would never end

Turned my frown upside down
Now happy
And smiling
Gone with the clown

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