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If I make faces and paste a smile,
will you forget originality
and mimic my style?

Will you watch me do acrobatics?
Leap out of your fear to mid-air
revive your strength from up there?

Will my magic do the trick?
Transform your body with my wand
heal you with the flick of my hand?

If I buy you the doll you never had
will this soothe your aches as much
as your words cradle me as angels touch?

If I swear to be the funniest clown you will ever see,
will it turn your pains to tickles,
will you promise to laugh with me?

by Lynne RBC

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Comments (2)

Lynne, some people are difficult to please, even with acrobatics and a clown suit. But, you've certainly made the effort. Great write! ! Brian
This leaves me with the impression of someone talking to a child who has been injured, and is in pain. I suppose you could put all sorts of interpretations to this one, Lynne. Leaves the reader to make up his / her own mind. Love, Fran xx