Clowns And Buffoons

'Hi daddy.'
Yes, Johnnie?
Daddy is busy right now.
I am having a community meeting,
With our wonderful neighbors.

'But daddy...
You said this morning,
You would help me with my homework.'

I know.
And I will.
Give me just a few more minutes.
I'll be right with you, okay?

And daddy...?
Is 'this' the meeting you said will be the last one,
With those clowns and buffoons?
Especially with our brain dead neighbors next door.
Those empty headed 'dorks'? '

What did I tell you about repeating 'everything',
You hear your Uncle Scotty say around here?

'But daddy...
I thought you said Uncle Scotty left last week,
On yet 'another' honeymoon?
I'm sorry.
I thought that was 'you' talking to mommy.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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