Clowns, Butterflies, Dog

Last night, why was the Big Dipper upside down?
I think the angels through God, control the universe in my town.
Are the angels at war or just showing off being clowns?
Hebrews read backwards so God to them in English is just a hound (Dog, God)

Other clowns in my call God a hound

Would be a compliment to Him, I've found.
So to them, Jesus should be gagged and bound, tied up in rope all around.
Then be put to slave labor like, like Samson going round and round.
I have found Jesus knows everyone, everybody,
and could weigh the universe to the exact pound.
Some people think they know everyone, everybody and then say the world is sound.
I have found,
Jesus knows everybody, everything and could weigh the universe to the exact pound.
Some people think they know anything and everything, then say the world is sound.
The way Jesus runs the world is by winding it up, then it is wound.
Before things happen, He can predict and synchronize sound.

God is ominiscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent, meaning
Power everthing and surround.
He has power to spare leaving you clowns down to abound.
He can think up new adjectives, verbs, or nouns,
Leading Him to define Him out in town.
You clowns never will, otherwise you would be God the hound.

by Arthur Knackmus

Comments (11)

this poem is amazing words cannot describe what i felt when i read this nicely flowing and made sense good write well done.
I like it. Very deep and honisty and truth.
interesting write............. but........
i like your poem and i like the way it flows. great vocabulary and imagery, i cant say i fully understand the meaning of the poem, but it seems like a job well done. keep writing.
Written interestingly.. i must compliment your thoughts! :)
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