Clueless - A New Approach

Journey or Travel
Rope or Wire
King or Dictator
Real or reel

Choices we make
what we face
Truth and fact don't mix
Try to dare and someone is sure to care
Glory and fame came
CREPT away another day

Adrenaline or Penance
Thought Provoking or Pleasure Inducing
Magnitude or Attitude
Fact or fantasy

Find a steel amour
And it shall be coated with gold
Blood or Milk, what will it show
Defend pride or abort catastrophe
Rise with might and sinew
Or Let lame and Shame loom around

Roses or chocolates
Dreams or intuitions
Root or Stem
Cream or Crust

Pretty face, luminous smile
Allure and charisma answer the call
Radiant as the crimson sun
Stay this way, for I care
what if Mist and snow comes together?
Free to run in pastures and Sun

Heat or Cold
Storm or Volcano
Crimson or white
Persuasion or Creed

Ride the waves and conquer the Mountains
Life with Hope
Fervor Heartened
Roles we take, Maps me make
Lighthouse, control tower, Rail Station
Meaning, Symbol, Life everyday!

by Jithu Varghese

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