I was a little stressed out that day
and I know it doesnt make it okay
but thats just how I dealt
and it wont erase the feeling I felt

It comes around...1...2...3...
and somehow I can feel that its slowly changing me
the moons awful big and my hearts beating a bit too fast
I look up at the wall and start to remember the past
a fear comes to my mind and the darkness is eating me whole
I scream and fall to the ground feeling like I'm losing my soul

On the ground I try to speak but my mouth is not mine
the cold is seeping through and I can feel this painful time
It's a nightmare from which I can not escape
I'm fighting to keep from falling into what I know must be fake
I am somewhere outside of my body watching them freak out
It is dark and I can faintly hear their shouts

I can hear my friend say 'OMG is she dead? '
I can feel the gravel underneath my head
I can smell drugs smokes and beer
I can taste the taste of death which creeps ever near
I think I am about to die because I cannot see the light
I wake up and feel the cold and see the darkness of night
I go inside and try to sleep but I cannot be still
My mother will know and then I will...
Scream to die and she will yell with no sympathy cuz of the lie
and all the while I will remain lost in this scary cocaine high

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