AL ( / Wollongong, Australia)

Cockroaches Rule

Did you know that cockroaches are actually quite smart
They realise we lay baits for them and have taken it to heart
Those little scuttling things have hatched themselves a plan
An ingenious way they’ve thought of, how they can get back at man
Cockroaches bankroll movies which are shown on the widescreen
Where people smoke a poison, but their lips and teeth will gleam
They'll be dressed in the most stunning gowns, glamour all the way
But the movies never show them when those people start to pay
Cockroaches don't wrap their poison in a black, plastic case
No, they use gold and silver and have developed many ways
To make that poison so attractive, an enticing bait of pretty hue
Next time you kill a cockroach, make sure it's not killing you

(Sydney, Australia - 2003)

by Alessandra Liverani

Comments (1)

I'm glad I'm a person, who smokes their poison without a second thought. If cockroaches are smart, I'm glad I'm dumb.