(1946 / Arkansas)


She was down around the pump house
When I saw her Sunday morn
Some knucklehead had dumped her out
And left her lost and lorn
She would tag along behind me
Every time I made a round
A friendly little pup, she was,
A fuzzy shade of brown
I had seen a hundred like her,
The world is full of knuckleheads,
Who routinely, dump unwanted pets
To roam and starve to death
Never, in the past,
Had any ever turned my head
But, something about her touched me
And I couldn’t help myself
When I got off, I picked her up
And put her in my truck
Took her home and made her family
She’s no longer just a mutt

Copyright C R Clark-3/07/2008

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A very heart-warming piece, thanks for sharing. Andrew
In the book, 'The Little Prince' there is a chapter where the Little Prince tames a fox... the fact that he tamed him, made him different from all the other foxes in the world... your poem rings so true... it is LOVE that makes the difference, whether it is animals or humans. Yuri
My beagle's name is Coco, this cute poem and a great story.