Shame’s Role

Loyalty yields to self-preservation.
And gets the better of self-preservation
When shame overtakes self-preservation.
One would die for one’s shame in others’ eyes.

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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Cocoon, tells me of what we often need is a rest, to be away from, time to think and recuperate. Then we can better face, when we come out of our cocoon whatever this world has in store.
Pictoresque. Interesting metaphor's use.
kelly is there any room in your cocoon for me, that way i wont have to go to the forum to hide Warm regards allan
Glad to see you here now and then. Superb writing is sorely missing here, so why not take some time off and visit more often? But it is best to stay out of the forum, unless you like kindergarten playgrounds. How is the Fatherland? Warming up now? Best wishes H