Misty Memories


A golden past dematerialized within a shadow light
As a boat of time toted time to a black hole
A shadow canvas of heart has retorted the reality,
Of those darkest stripes of sky-

Your inspiration has created dynamic dream
As like as a kite swing on air
As my springtime I ran with grasshopper to and fro
An Amour of aroma flowed from flower to flower

A Jerry-rigged time streams as murmur of river
As a gray fade pained pale sky-
Run away together with my past, present and future
Sometimes my child has reacted reverse what I have wished

I float a boat on sea when she is far from me
My mind has grown shrink as my body bended already
Someone has vamoosed toward the horizon within a shadow fog,
A dry but misty memory -
Though faded but has dreamed me again and again -


@Musfiq us shaleheen
Dhaka,22nd March,2013

by Musfiq us shaleheen

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