Code Of Silence

At the crossroads of hate and fear,
I met those whom no man held dear;
A Donkey, a Hippo, a Canetoad, a Viper,
All spoke a code, so hard to decipher.

Their code of Silence, I tried to hear,
With my Mind alone, for many a year;
I wore their skin, I stood their boot,
I lived their life till I found the truth.

In Silence, there was, the donkey's song,
The hippo's polka, also, floated along;
The canetoad’s hug, viper’s deep kiss,
The code did contain, their love, their bliss.

Who said just void, Silence does possess;
How else these Hated, can better express?

by Pradeep Dhavakumar

Comments (2)

trying to analyse the code of silence with the smooth flow of words is really beautiful.and rhyme adds more charm to the poem with yuor imagination.
A great rhythm and flow... loved it! *S* Cat