Code Orange Code Red

Code Orange Code Red, today these warnings echo throughout our land,
But these warnings just focus our attention on the wickedness of man.

Look and see how we have let sin and immorality prosper in our land,
Should we not be more concerned about God's Righteous Uplifted Hand?

The fears from wars and rumors of wars are simply a sign of the end,
However, the extent of man's wickedness is indeed limited my friend.

Why have such fears of man who can only kill the body but do no more?
And fear not The Lord who can assign you to Eternal Hell forevermore.

Man continues to kill because of his depraved heart filled with sin,
But God must judge wickedness, because of His Righteousness within.

My friend, if you just humble your heart and fear God instead of man,
Through His Spirit He will open your eyes to His Loving Eternal Plan.

God's Will is for all to come to repentance and through Him be saved,
However, God must still judge those who remain wicked and depraved.

You can continue to fear man and have your heart filled with strife,
Or repent and accept Christ in your heart, and receive Eternal Life.

I don't fear any man, for at death I shall be present with The Lord,
With no fear of God, you'll live without Him, this you can't afford.

Life on this earth is quite brief, while Eternal Life is quite long,
So don't continue fearing man, only to find out you were wrong.

(Copyright © 03/2003)

by Bob Gotti

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'These warning echo'! ! Thanks for sharing.