Codine Illness Edited....

She loves them more then me,
She'll go to them for anything.
There is no hope for this addiction
it cant be beat only forgotten

How can i ignore all i see?
She hides inside her depression
and seeks no help
just wants to sleep

she's gonna die if i dont speak
it's deep inside her coma now

cant wake
cant shake
the angry bear

she's lost
or is it just her fear.

she took too much
now she can't flee
they'll take her first
then next it's me

the codine illness
thats what she has
were depressed is what i say

sleep all day awake all night
im alone in the house again tonight
she leaves me here when i go to bed
but she don't know she's almost dead

while i sleep she goes to him
then comes home and heads for them

this home is not a home to say
it hell just not as warm up here.
the bills arent paid
and dishes need cleaned

for breakfast its flakes
the ones without sugar
and dinner its soup again

i've grown so much but she doesn't see
i'm never home and neither is she

she isn't worthy of the title
so i gave it to you mom
but all you did was ruin it too

i have no mom she died last year

sometimes i miss her
and shed a tear

i let you in
and you walked right out

you left me with them

what should i do now?

you illness is hereditary
so lets follow the trend

now i have an addiction you see
it developed quick..
it makes me sick...

cant wake
cant shake

the codine illness...

by remain a mystery

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