I have come across more than once
It has wider meaning
In life and defining

Animals too live peacefully
When given enough grass daily
It is their only need
With opens eyes to feed

So we are practical
Try to make life beautiful
Make no disturbance at home
Keep harmonious relation and welcome

Why I think of universe?
When at home it burns
With scuffle and daily altercation
I wish I must exist for good relation

Life must be made smooth
With enough of space to both
Take care of family and think ahead
The concern for kids is well read

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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Wallace LaBenne1 hour ago Well presented. .
How true! Jamie Cantore1 hour ago Family relationships are oftentimes the hardest to deal with, but are ultimately the most important. Comment +1
I like the topic Kelvin Tong1 hour ago Well, are animals really living in a peaceful environment now? Comment +1
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