Coffee Grounds

Coffee Grounds

Eight cups of coffee,
A long night, waiting for love to come home again...
A cold moon is looking down on a bitter Soul,
Dust bunnies are making love in the moonlight.

Always waiting, never seeing you,
Bitterly cold, lonely nights, looking for your ghost at the
bottom of every empty cup,
Painting love poems with bittersweet, coffee grounds.

Still looking back,
asking, when will you come home?
Looking at a closed door,

Should I remain here waiting, with an empty heart?

Still unable to forget you,
can't leave this place,
eyes are always searching, cannot see past my broken heart.

Or move on,

Opening, a closed door to a new life and new dreams,
filling my heart with new love, new hope,
and say goodbye to my lost love, forever...

by Ronald Chapman

Comments (2)

A well executed touching write. It captures the eternality of love. A great piece.10
Ronald, such a very touching poem👍👍👍