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Coffee Shop

A date planned well beforehand
waiting for the right advance
she would sit and wait patiently
slowly stirring a cup of tea
nothing really more to say
waiting for the right one in a morning cafe

She'd sit and wait, always on time
quietly sitting in booth number nine
when suddenly, out of the clear
a suitor did finally appear

And he had flowing, crimson hair
obviously rich beyond compare
he said, 'come and be my wife
you'll want for nothing in this life'

She said, 'Tempting as this may seem
someday all wake from their dreams'
He said, 'Then I wish you well'
and went on to booth number twelve

The next day came, the next day went
her determination completely spent
when she finally arose to leave
a collision spilled her untouched tea

'I've seen you here so many times'
a stranger said in a quiet voice
'but couldn't even just say hi
I've been here, wanting and lonely too
waiting for someone just like you'

At that moment, it was plain to see
two halves whole and now complete
and with that, a woman stopped
brooding over tea in a coffee shop

It's funny how people and places
come together for social graces
when a lonely another did walk in
looking for love, or maybe a friend
A date planned well beforehand
waiting for the right advance

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