Coherently Insignificant

One's formal education financed,
Through payment of installments...
With an assistance one may get,
From various outside grants to chase.
Isn't the same kind of knowledge,
That one obtains to achieve wisdom.
And it is obvious those paying to be taught...
Have a lot of common sense lessons missed.

Leaving many not to express it at all,
As a benefit.
Not as a human dividend to uplift quality.

But a buyer's remorse is reflected,
Everywhere it can be seen.
There is an absence of any formal education,
Effectively displayed as a training vehical.
Where is it?
Isolated to use as a feeding tool?
For who to advance what to what levels?
As if that needs a microscope.
It doesn't!

And if there is evidence of it...
Shouldn't it be readily seen,
As the best investment one can make?
In panoramic scenes?
Why is the proof of it kept hidden to flaunt openly,
As one's prized treasure to use on a constant basis?
Is it 'that' coherently insignifant and fragrantly incompetent,
That no one who has been accepted and conditioned...
Can tell with a clarity what their mission is.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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