Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


Another strange coincidence
said George while sitting on the fence.
He sat there, dreaming on most days
and watched the heteros and gays
walk past to reach their destination
(George only dreamed of fornication) ,
the reason he would not jump down
is not because he was a clown
but simply due to his belief
that people often come to grief
by joining in the life of strangers
thereby attracting untold dangers
the worst of which was if by chance
they would encounter, without plans,
the Lady named Coincidence,
who would affect your common sense
and change the blue-print of existence
as you could offer no resistance.
So, if you stay up on the fence
you will be only half as tense
as those who foolishly submit
that two events can cause one hit.

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Comments (4)

Very good poem Herbert. I coudn't notice the rhyme till the very end. It flowed very well. Nice subject and well written. Thank you.
Wouldn't you think people would get uncomfortable sitting on the fence for years? Good poem, Herbert. Raynette
Intense and straight to the point.
Raw, good, and.... No pretense: -)