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Coincidental Or Premonition

I read Theresa Moore's poem about premonitions.
For me it's not a superstition.
I believe the power is greater then me.
It's happened to me and I do believe.

Is it coincidence or accidental?
Is it premonition or unintentional?
Here I go with the questions again.
But this time I have the answer to pen.

It's God choosing to remain anonymous.
Leveling the field of negatives and pluses.
Or coaxing our guardian angel to our side.
To show us the way and be our guide.

You can call it what you will,
but his powers give me the chills.

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JoAnn, I came in search a poem you had written and stumbled across this wonderful question. Premonition is when you feel that something is going to happen and Coincidental it when it happens out of the blue, like meeting the daftest person in the universe with the laughter lines of a hyena. But who sometimes has to admit to being almost human sometimes. Lol. Wonderful write as usual. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David