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Colchester Castle I Read
MW (14 July 1973 / Berent)

Colchester Castle I Read

a Lego fort on a cow paradise hill
cows' dreams bit stunted but bricks all stand out cragged
petrified cross-section of a cake
or flesh -a nuts choccie cake we all glutton on

mingled with sand and coals or wounds in men
turned to stone or a quarry just abused- see me
walk up to the wooden moat bridge, touch its
x-cross railings, grin at the tourists, throw a

shy glance then head to round vaulted entrance-
behold the tall sombre blue windows -here
i meet molly - i offer her shillings
and protestations of passion and

a marriage proposal - of course she was
far overwhelmed to bid a Nay- but behind
the corner tower boudicca's stray shade
swept across the boughs - stoned me on foot and on
the spot - a stoned stone.

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