Take It To The Sea

Where do you go when you're weary,
Where do you go when you're sad,
Where do you go when your world's dark and cold
And no comfort is there to be had?

Where do you vent all your anger,
Where do you throw all your hate,
Where do you run when you just need to run
When you turn your life over to fate?

You drown all your cares in the water,
You float all your worries asea,
You rock in the arms of the soft rolling waves
And your mind from its prison flows free;

You gaze at the stars in the heaven,
Your thoughts become one with the moon,
You realize the wonder of all that you are
'Cross the heavens your worries are strewn;

Now you are one with the water,
You've given yourself to the sea,
The sailor comes home to the ocean -
Your spirit from bondage set free.

by Linda Ori

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Comments (2)

Bitter but brillant! Best wishes Purple Rose
Your writing is amazing dear but still it makes you seem so sad and i hate it when your sad...