TTO ( / Washington State)


! Lost raindropps in the snow
Covered in ice cold regret
Never-ever to be found
In the chill of Winter-Set
Frozen are the rainbows
Made of colour spectrum lights
Covered up by dancing
Of the blanket white-covered night

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Thank you Marci and Dorothy! Dorothy you are very astute! You can read me like a book! Love to you both. Both so gifted... Theo
Frozen are the rainbows, what another great analogy...I'm zeroing in on the poems I've written with same title...This is lovely with it's descriptives.~~marci.xo :) ~~
Theo, Interesting...they read of winter I read of love and regret... Lovely either way! Dorothy
Theo, as Andy said, sadly here there is not much difference between summer and winter. But what you described took me back in time to the winters in Canada when I was a kid. Just loved it. Top Marks. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
What a most beautiful way to describe winter Theodora, sadly there is not much differance here in summer to winter...10