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Fractured bright light in inverted cones
Turqoise blue hues in iceberg's bones
White covered peaks and tundra's snow
Where polar bears, wolverines and snowgeese go

In my own front yard a winter's yarn
Snowmen and snowflakes flaunt winter's charm
Safe from the house a blizzard's scene
After the snowfall a blanket serene

Blinded eyes from the glare off the snow
Cold warms the heart that adventure knows
The turn of the ski or the ice on a blade
The resonant beauty of a winter's glade

I can't stand still in the winter night
I have to move for the weak sunlight
I stay in motion to warm my skin
With several layer's I'm all tucked in

The soulful warmth of a winter's day
The heat of anger will melt away
The inner healing white made so nice
Anger turns to a shard of ice

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A hard winter scene in the upper reaches of the northern hemisphere which, otherwise also, experience the extreme cold weather conditions. It leaves shivers down the spine. Thanks.
This is a very meaningful poem Ray, I loved reading it. It had so many facets, it was a very interesting read. A lovely use of words which were a pleasure to find. Love Ernestine XXX