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Cold Apple Pie

I've never really liked cold apple pie.
I hate it when the crust is hard and dry,
And the apples sliced and baked within
Drip sticky syrup down your chin,
When a tentative and cautious bite you try.

But when the pie is hot then it's a treat,
For then it's almost much too good to eat.
With cream or custard to cover it
Enough to swamp and smother it,
Then it, s a dish that really can't be beat.

That taste of tartness balancing the sweet,
The cold cream complements the apple's heat
Whilst the pastry, crumbly and so light,
Fills your mouth and senses with delight
It truly is a dish for the elite.

But if with pie addiction you are faced,
Because you crave each day that wondrous taste,
Please heed this warning carefully,
Although the taste is heavenly
The pounds will end up piled around your waist!

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i like this pome so much but i don`t like cold pie haha!
Yes! Yes! Yes! So very, very true! My Mother-in-law is a connoisseur of apple pie making. Her pastry is so light, and with the cinnamon complimenting the apple, it's just divine. She bakes huge ones on a very large plate she has had for years, and there's always plenty for second and even third helpings. Mouth watering! So is this poem, a great write, I loved every line. thanks for feeding me! Love Ernestine XXX