Cold As Ice

Cold as Ice
My feet are freezing
Light my soul
light my heart
YOU are my ONE desire
BRR to cold for you?

Cold so cold
Cuddle up to me
Warm my heart
Warm my soul
Count my little baby toes
Let's rub nose's too!

Hold the Ice
Hold me close to you
Hold my wing
Hold my feet
Wrap me with your desire
Until expired?

Feel this Ice
My cold, cold tail
feel my neck
feel my face
I ask do you wan ta pet?
must I fly away?

I'm frozen
In time I will hop
I see you
I see love!
Oh My God! , yes it is YOU!
Your my dream come true

Hey I'm Wet
I'm getting warm now
That feels good
What's this called?
Love, sweet love I bring to YOU
Now I'm not so cold

Thank YOU friend
For the love you give
Always dear
Never to say good-bye
Love, warms our cold feet

Shadorma Form

by Aaaaa ANGEL

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